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Etymology 1

An aphetic form of banana.


  • , /ˈnɑːnə/, /"nA:n@/
    Rhymes with: -ɑːnə


  1. Short form of banana, the fruit.
  2. A fool.
    You look a right nana dressed up like that.

Etymology 2

Variant spelling of nanna.


  • , /ˈnænə/, /"n

Extensive Definition

Nana, NANA, or Na Na may refer to:
In fiction:
In music:
In entertainment:
In religion and mythology:
  • Nana Buluku is one of the names of the creator god/goddess in religions influenced by Yoruba mythology
  • Nana (mythology), mother of Attis
In sports:
  • PG Nana, East African cricketer
  • Prince Nana, American professional wrestler of Ghanaian extraction
In software
  • GNU Nana provides improved support for assertions and logging in C and C++
In other fields:
Other uses:

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